Why Amazon Suspended Your Account

Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform online. Many people use Amazon to sell items for extra income or for their main source of income.


There are many mistakes that can be made by new Amazon sellers which can unfortunately lead to them having their account suspended. A few of these mistakes will be covered in this article in hopes that a new seller can avoid making them.

Avoid Selling Expensive Items when Starting Out

High priced items are a huge risk to new sellers due to the fact that most buyers will not purchase expensive items from a seller that has no feedback. Another reason to avoid starting out selling expensive items is because there are dishonest people all over and some of them are Amazon buyers. If a buyer states that there was any kind of problem with their item, then the seller is responsible.

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This can result in suspension of an account if Amazon sides with the buyer.


Do NOT Copy another Sellers Product Description

When a person first starts selling on Amazon, they can be a bit intimidated. Sometimes a seller decides that it is innocent enough to copy the description of another sellers item. This is never acceptable, no matter how long you have been a seller. This is a very big mistake and will certainly lead to having your Amazon account suspended.

Having Expensive Shipping to Avoid Fees

Amazon charges a final value fee of sold items. There are sellers who think that they can get away with not paying the fee by having expensive shipping rates. This is a very big mistake to make and can lead to the suspension of a sellers Amazon account. A seller doing this will always be seen as a bad seller and one to avoid if they have not been caught by Amazon first.

Not Shipping Items on Time to Buyers

It is understandable that times are busy for many people, but when you sell on Amazon you must agree to shipping items out as fast as possible. When someone spends their hard earned money on an item then they want it fast. If a new Amazon seller, or any seller for that matter takes their time on shipping their sold items, then Amazon can suspend their account. Going to the post office or another shipping service as soon as the item sells is ideal.

Sneaking Flyers into Packaging

This practice is actually very tacky. When a buyer makes a purchase and a seller adds their flyer into the shipped item, it makes them look desperate. Think of it as spam email in person. Nobody likes spam email. If a buyer complains to Amazon about this, then a seller can possibly have their account suspended.


Buying Positive Feedback

Believe it or not, there are sellers out there that have actually bought positive feedback. This deceptive practice is done to make buyers want to purchase items from them. Normally, if a buyer sees a seller with a very low amount of feedback they will not buy from them. Positive feedback is what every seller wants, and lots of it. If Amazon catches word that a seller is buying positive feedback, then they will suspend their account. This is true for new sellers and old sellers alike.

Following these basic rules are very easy to do and can help you succeed with your Amazon selling.




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