Why Amazon Disables Accounts

Amazon is one of the commerce pioneers; Amazon is the leading ecommerce platform online. However, seller policies are very strict and in many cases applied inconsistently.


Amazon respects all the sellers equally as the buyers. Still those who fail to carry out their policies get weeded out from Amazon. Since most of the sellers consider Amazon as a source of easy money, they try to keep their rules intact and follow the same. Anyway, a very few of them behaves like a sitting duck and get suspended in the course of time due to the violation of Amazon policies.

Let’s sort out a list of activities that might suspend a seller from Amazon

  • Communication is the key, Even with Amazon

Like any other online giant, Amazon also wants its online users to be considered as the king. Amazon never encourages the sellers to jump down someone’s throat. It keeps on track of the feedback of the customers. When a customer contacts the seller and if the seller doesn’t respond properly to the query or complaint, then the user can file a complaint against the seller in Amazon itself! The seller will be suspended, if the buyer files a complaint against the seller response in Amazon. Amazon always try to follow these strict policies and keeps the seller on the hook. The respects that Amazon extends to its transactions are just overwhelming.

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  • Delayed Shipping

As in every online purchase, the buyer expects his goods to be reached and nail the purchase. Amazon tries to have clean hands by imposing certain rules on the seller for a smooth delivery. The seller cannot delay the shipping for more than 3 days and he will be suspended if he fails in the same. 24 hour handover process is also now on the page so that the seller will be indirectly enforced to ship it as soon as possible to make his account secure. Amazon’s seller rules are just focusing on the customer. What else does it needs to create some awesome bunch of online users?

  • Manufacturer complaints

Some manufacturers will not wish to sell their products on Amazon while their distributors might register themselves as sellers and sell the same. In such cases, if the manufacturer files a complaint against the distributor, his account will be suspended.

  • Selling High-Risk Items

Amazon never encourages selling weapons and explosives. If they find and verify that you are selling such a heavy risk item, then you will be banned from selling.

  • Duplicate listings

A seller is given access to create categories and subcategories for his product. If the same product is listed more than 10 times in different categories with same parameters, then the Amazon account will be suspended. They will support the maximum to pull up the socks, but will suspend if the try fails.

  • Account Hijack

If Amazon finds that your account is being hijacked, and it’s sending multiple or anonymous emails that doesn’t makes sense, then they will suspend your account. If the verification of Amazon is not successfully done, then the suspension will be a lifelong one

  • Forgetting seller passwords

Once you register in Amazon as a seller, all your transactions will be done through Amazon seller account. If you forget your login credentials, you won’t be able to see the fresh orders and you will not be able to submit the progress of shipping either. This will cause a huge inconvenience to the buyer, which in turn prompts Amazon to suspend the seller account.

  • Illegal Selling

As like any other web stores, Amazon only sells legalized items. If they find that you are selling any illegal items, or hazardous medicines or chemicals, you might receive an email with a subject’ Amazon account suspended’

Consider the above points while selling on Amazon. Happy Selling!






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