Top 7 Reasons Amazon Suspend Sellers

Amazon is one of the biggest and the best online selling platform. Many sellers prefer to sell their products on an online market place in order to make better sales.

This is because many people are just used to go to buy things online. However, sellers should always follow all the rules, even it might be difficult. Failure to that your account will be banned by Amazon. The following are some of the most common reasons why Amazon may suspend your account.

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1. Selling counterfeit goods
Amazon banned account might be as a result of selling counterfeit goods. This involves selling a product which is the copy of an original product. According to the canons of Amazon, sellers should sell original and quality products. If you try to sell these products and Amazon realize, then your account will be suspended. So, be careful in picking products, ensure they are original.

2. Selling used products as new
Amazon states clearly that the products sold should be original and new Sellers should not lie to the buyers by selling second-hand products. So sellers should ensure that the products are new, packed well and are not opened. Sometimes the products might be new and the packaging is not good or they are open. This might be assumed as a second-hand product. A lot of caution is therefore needed.

3. Late shipment rate
This occurs when a seller gives an order of the product which is not readily available in the stock. This might cause a delay or cancellation of the order which is against the rules of Amazon. This can result in the closure of your account. You can avoid this by keeping good records of products that are available in your store.

4. Negative feedback from customers
If your customers respond with many negative feedbacks your account might be at a risk of closure. The main reason for this could be the failure to respond to the messages of your customers or answering their questions. The key thing is responding to them and in case of negative feedback, attend to it quickly. Just avoid this small mistake which might cost you a lot.

5. Selling prohibited items
Amazon banned account could also be as a result of selling prohibited products. This law does not only apply to Amazon but also to the rules of a country. Prohibited products like drugs and other products that contain dangerous chemicals are not allowed to be sold to consumers. The products that you sell should be quality and accepted by the bearer of standards. Sellers should also check products which are supposed to be sold on Amazon by looking at the fulfillment by Amazon products restrictions.

6. Duplicate accounts
This does not mean that it is not possible to have two accounts. You can have them indeed. But the rule here is that you MUST ask permission from Amazon. Then you must follow the procedure of getting two accounts. If Amazon approves you to have more than one account than you are safe. But if you have multiple accounts without permission, your account will be terminated.

7. Getting a new account after being suspended
If your account is terminated, its over. This shows that Amazon doesn’t have trust in you as you failed to adhere to their rules in the first place. They will not allow you to have a new account, therefore. It will be canceled without questions or explanations.

These are the common mistakes that may lead to the closure of your account. So adhere to the rules and regulations of amazon for you to work with them. Avoid the above mistakes and it shall be well with you


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