Top 5 Reason Amazon Shut Down sellers

•  Negative Feedback


The online giant Amazon has taken a decision to ban vendors from giving negative feedbacks about buyers. This decision was taken when the company saw many unhappy sellers who started giving online spats to buyers. The company did the changes from May so that the sellers can’t give negative feedbacks although the customer still can leave negative comments. This might be beneficial for the feedback system of Amazon.

• Counterfeit Goods


As the policy of Amazon, they don’t allow any replicas, or counterfeit items to be sold on their website. The commonly sold counterfeit goods on Amazon are watches, designer apparel etc. Amazon has strict guidelines about banning sellers selling counterfeit goods as the manufacturer or sellers of original items feel that the replicas of their product decrease the value of the original product they are selling. The problem also arises with supply and demand. The supply becomes larger because of counterfeit goods and hence it decreases the demand of original items.

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• Too many chargeback’s

These days charge backs are becoming major issue for vendors as day by day stats show that chargeback’s are rising in numbers. There are many reasons due to which chargeback’s can be done like bank errors, expired cards , customer disputes etc. Due to these reasons Amazon decided ban sellers if there are too many chargeback’s.

• Fake Customer Reviews


Amazon has banned many of its seller (scammers) who are trying to gain customers attention and trust by opening accounts and giving fake reviews about the products. This is the most common method used by the sellers on Amazon to sell fake or duplicate products. The fake customer reviews are getting ridiculous. Sometimes customers can also identify the fake reviews as they all read the same and also must be having all stars or full rating.

• Selling Prohibited Items

Amazon sells hundreds of types of items, but there are some types of items that are prohibited on this website. There is no wildlife animals allowed to be sold on the website due to conservations laws. The fake or counterfeit currency is strictly banned on Amazon. All the downloadable media i.e. videos, software etc. are banned if you don’t have the copyright. Although if you have their copyright you can sell them after verifying your ownership when you sell it on Amazon. The goods that are prohibited in other countries are also not allowed to be sold on Amazon.


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