Suspension of my Amazon Account

I have been a member of Amazon since 9 years now, but it was only 5 years back that I began to sell on this platform. I thought this was a convenient way for me to reach a wider audience, selling my niche product.


My sales were above average since the beginning of my business; my first half yearly profits met about 50% of my costs. My customers were very happy with my product and I only had a 0.02% chance of failure. That is to say, that since the commencement of my business, only 3 of my customers were dissatisfied, 2 of which left a negative review.

I should mention here, that I have always paid my seller fees to Amazon, my method of payment is not out-of-date and that I have never delayed in making payments to Amazon that they have made on my behalf. Therefore, when I received an e-mail from Amazon the other day, I was quite shocked. There was nothing wrong that I had done nor any condition that I had not satisfied. I was on the verge of Amazon suspension.


They asked me to submit my ID proofs and told me that they would get back to me soon. A week later I get an e-mail from Amazon worded: “Your account was restricted from selling because the requirement for the seller performance standards has not met for past

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consecutive months. We regret any frustration or inconvenience this matter may cause you. For your account, there is no appeal for this selling restriction. From this point forward, in order to conduct business on the Internet as a seller, you will have to find a different venue. We know this may not have been the answer you were hoping for, but this is our final decision.”


They refused to give me any answers, as my minimum performance standard was met (with only 3 failures?) and I did not have a low DSR rating. They said that I could use the information to explain their policies. Additionally, they froze all money in my Amazon account! Iíve been left to the dumps and I have nowhere to go.

They do this to every seller that raises even a shadow of suspicion, and have no policy in place to check the background story. Amazon simply suspend an account randomly, on their terms without as much as a sincere justification. They, freeze your funds, hold anything that is with them, force you to give sensitive information and after multitude of requirements and steps and calls and e-mails, they state that they have suspended your Amazon account indefinitely.

I cannot begin to explain the loss that I am undertaking. Some of my friends and partners have also got their account suspended like this.


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