How To Appeal After Amazon Suspended Your Account?

Has your Amazon account been suspended? If yes, you can follow these simple and confidential steps to get reinstated


Tom Taylor, Vice President at Amazon, while speaking to a reporter from Wall Street Journal said vendors, on an average, witness a 50% hike in sales when they become a part of the Amazon marketplace. Amazon’s storage and shipping services contribute significantly to this hike.
Amazon provides an excellent platform for retailers to sell their products. One of the best things about Amazon is that it offers both online and offline services. However, retailers can benefit from Amazon only when they follow the company’s discrete and distinct guidelines.

Amazon’s stringent rules do not leave scope for complacency and errors — Amazon will ban you instantly if you don’t follow their rules and policies. As a matter of fact, Amazon has been quite open about its policy about banning defaulters. The company has enabled various automatic triggers which block seller accounts in case of policy infringements.

Did Amazon suspend your account?
Amazon insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account reinstated - and how you can easily and safely open a new Amazon account.

One of the difficulties of working with Amazon is that it is hard to revive your account once it has been blocked by the company. Amazon sellers have quietly accepted the company’s brutal suspension policy and have even become adept to it. As a matter of fact, Amazon sellers neither spare nor show any sympathy for retailers who have been blocked by Amazon.

Getting suspended on Amazon is fatal because it does not only take away from you a platform where you can sell and make profits, it also reduces your credibility as a brand. Amazon’s rules are so stringent that the company leaves no scope for re-institution.


If you have been suspended or blocked by Amazon, you can follow these simple steps to reinstate yourself on the Amazon marketplace.

3 simple ways to deal with Amazon Suspension

One of the best ways to get reinstated on Amazon is to look into Amazon’s reasons for suspending your account. If your account has been blocked, it is quite likely that you broke a rule stated by Amazon.

Look into the cause of suspension

Though Amazon will give you a reason for why it has suspended your account, the reason may not be very clear to you. Amazon’s staff relies heavily on technical explanations which are hard to understand at times. Scan through your Seller Central to pin-point the issue that could have triggered Amazon to suspend your account.

Here are some of the issues that have led Amazon to suspend seller accounts in the past.

The seller performed badly

Amazon has strict rules about seller performance. There are many things that can reduce your seller performance — negative customer feedback, delayed shipping, regular order cancellations, etc. To ensure that your account never gets suspended, you must constantly perform better than expected. Your goal should be to achieve an excellent stellar performance.

The seller violated the seller policy

To keep your account from getting blocked, you must go through Amazon’s requirements and ensure that you fulfill every criteria specified by the company. Likewise, you must also regularly check your production information section to ensure that you are not putting anything that violates Amazon’s rules.

In short, sellers using Amazon’s marketplace should:

  • Check their product information section on a regular basis to ensure that they are not putting anything in descriptions that violates Amazon’s policies
  • Go through and gain a deep understanding of Amazon’s policies and agreements
  • Keep up with the latest developments at Amazon so that the sellers know when Amazon has changed or modified their requirements or policies

A good seller performance will always protect you from getting blocked. To ensure a remarkable seller performance, you must float high above Amazon’s set minimum targets — your order defect rate should be less than 1% and your late shipment rate should be less than 4%. That aside, your pre-fulfillment cancel rate should not go above 2.5%.

Once you familiarize yourself with Amazon’s policies, you will not only save yourself from breaking rules, you will also be in a better position to negotiate with the people at Amazon in case your account gets suspended.


How to sell or display restricted products?

Amazon’s stern rules have been put in place to achieve high-quality and high-performance. Sometimes, the company restricts products which are of low quality and which do not correspond to Amazon’s standards. To prevent account suspension, you must stay away from mentioning restricted products in product information.

As a matter of fact, Amazon is so uncompromising about its standards that it incites competitor retailers to site and report discrepancies. Amazon has categorically stated this in its policies:

“Amazon encourages you to report listings that violate Amazon’s policies or applicable law by using our Contact Us form (select “Report a violation of our rules” and include all relevant information). “- Amazon

It has been observed in the past that Amazon doesn’t shy away a bit when it comes to flagging restricted products. This trend has been most visible in the health section where a small discrepancy in product information can harm the user in a significant and unwanted way. A good way to prevent account suspension is to run through your Amazon account regularly and pay heed to notices sent by the company. If you have been sent a notice, contact Amazon immediately and get the matter sorted.

You can appeal against suspension to Amazon

The silver lining is Amazon allows you to appeal against a suspension and request for a recovery plan. You can do this through your Amazon Seller Central. Go to the Amazon Seller Central and select the performance notifications section. Within this section, choose location suspension notice and appeal.

You must detail out your appeal before contacting Amazon. In your appeal, you must specify that you wish for a recovery plan. You must also address Amazon’s concerns and the issues raised by the company.

You can take a cue from various Amazon plan of action examples before drafting your appeal. In your appeal, you must address how you or your store propositions to address issues raised by Amazon and how you plan to prevent these issues from cropping in future. You can also benefit by outlining your positive qualities and distinctions.


A secret way to reach Amazon

To revoke your suspension, you must not only appeal via Seller Central, you must also send an email that includes a detailed plan of action to the people at Amazon. You can send your email to [email protected] Your email will automatically be forwarded to the Transaction Risk Management Team.

To increases your chances of getting your account reinstated, you must remember these things:

  • Your mail should be written on an official letter head. You must mention attributes that bring credibility to you as seller. For instance, if you are working with a Solutions Integrator for inventory feeds, you must mention this in your email.
  • You must describe the various quality checks you have induced to prevent any issues from cropping in future. You must also describe how you are committed to creating a memorable user experience. Keep your tone formal.

While this third step has yielded many successes in the past, getting your Amazon account reinstated is not guaranteed.

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