How My Fashion Accessories Business Got Ruined After Amazon Banned My Seller Account

I am an adventurous person who always likes to test new things. With the advent of the Internet age, I began to look for ways to earn money online.


I found that the e-commerce concept is going to rule the world in the near future and began to learn the ways of doing retail business on the net. After trying so many things I finally discovered that Amazon is one of the best retail platforms available on the World Wide Web and it is the perfect way to build my business.

From my previous employment I had extensive contacts in the Eastern World and as a fashion products retailer I had travelled many times to Thailand and Philippines and China for sourcing fashion related products when I was working there. Now after starting my own business I made use of those contacts and began offering many types of fashion accessories over the Amazon and was able to reach a good business level within a short time. Since 2006 when I started my business till 2014 I was really very happy to reach a position in my online business that was beyond my expectations.

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Due to this overwhelming response for my line of fashion accessories I sourced from Bangkok Thailand, my business was soaring and I was selling my goods with good reputation. During August 2014 I wanted to expand my business further and I began opening more selling channels to sell my fashion accessories in a big way. During that time I entered into an agreement to source a new line of products from my Bangkok seller which he was getting from a manufacturer in mainland China.


I began advertising for the products and I was using the brochures and images that were sent by my Bangkok seller as a way of advertising my products on Amazon. For some time the sale was going smoothly and seeing that the response was good I ordered for a big lot of those products and paid advance amounts to my Bangkok seller and he in turn transferred the amount to his Chinese contact. After about a month all of a sudden the traffic to my selling pages dropped and stopped altogether bringing my entire business to a halt.

I was not selling anything now and my big amount of money was with my Bangkok seller and in the month of September 2014 I received an email from Amazon sales center informing me that all my trading accounts are under suspension for violation of the their terms and conditions pending verification . I was shocked and contacted Amazon and after so many phone calls and emails I was able to understand that the suspension was due to the posting of some copyrighted materials on my sales page.

I just posted the materials given by my seller and on enquiry I found that the manufacturer whose product we are selling copyrighted the sales material provided to me. I explained this and assured that I will remove all the infringing materials from my sales pages and requested for reinstating my accounts. But nothing moved and still all Amazon accounts are inoperative and my entire business is gone with no hope of recovery. I was completely ruined by the unilateral action of Google without giving any opportunity for me to correct the unintentional lapse.


Google is not at all considering my explanations and assurances and blindly refusing to give access to my accounts and this has driven me out of my business, which has taken so many years of my hard labor and thousands of dollars of investment.

So, take my business as a lesson and those who are trusting Google too much must understand that it can pull off the plug on your business at any time and make you a pauper and so do not become the next victim of the fancies of Google and expand your business through other channels also.

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