How My Amazon Account Got Suspended For NO reason

Do you think you are immune to disaster? Whether your business is safe and will continue to run tomorrow?


That’s what I thought, me too … And I was wrong. I learned the hard way 18 November 2014.

That day, my whole Internet business collapsed. The “automatic machine to make money” has failed. Its main engine has blown.

Here’s what happened to me, how I got through, and the precautions you can take today to meet you, if such a tragedy happen to you …

Amazon Seller account disabledĀ 

The day my whole business collapsed …
The day of the disaster

I publish this post to inform you of a problem on Amazon: they suspended my account without giving any valid reason and ask me personal documentation (ID, rent receipt, utility bill etc.).

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I registered on Amazon and I was selling Havaianas flip flops I imported from Brazil. Business is really good and thriving up until one day. A late afternoon I received messages in my Amazon account from the site to tell me that my account is suspended. It is only indicated in the heading “Non compliance with the conditions” without any further explanation of the exact pattern in the message. They ask me personal credentials and “certificates of ownership of items for sale,” then I do not sell anything on Amazon!

account-suspended I contacted the site by answering the message in question to report their problem. I thought it was an error in their system. I also asked for more explanations.

I got a response very quickly, and the person insisted upon request without specifying the reasons. Here are his arguments:


“However, for security reasons we can not disclose the research we have carried out or the results of such research justifying the suspension in accordance with our Terms of Use.”

I re-wrote him asking what my violations are. I have strictly complied with all conditions and regulations, and they have no right to ask me personal documentation. But as evidence of my good times also I inform Amazon that my credit card is valid.

And here is what I got:

“Hello dear user,
I am again Julia.

We asked you a certificate of ownership of the goods sold? Please accept our apologies. In fact, we only need proof of your identity and your home address.

If you do not want to send them, you simply cannot use our Amazon site. ”

I’m really shocked by this attitude! I wonder if they have the right to do that and if I can file a complaint against this practice. If so, I have to accuse them of abuse of power or other things?

I did a little research on the web, a lot of people have problems with Amazon, but most are still blocked after a sale or litigation. I can understand that they verify the identity of the sellers, especially when it comes from a pro seller. But why and what their claim to a suspend the account of a freshly registered buyer who settled first thing to justify its purchase? I have not found similar case on the web, so I run my call here.


Business ruined

Electrocardiogram zero – My business was dead
From four figures profit to zero, or how to lose it all the time for a pet

Amazon was my only source of income.
My income dropped to ZERO. As fast at the flash of a camera. As unexpected as the volcanic eruption that sprayed Pompeii. As violently as the bullet that pierced the head of Kurt Cobain.

The problem is that Amazon does not want to know. He does not forgive. It does not offer a second chance.

Moreover, let me do this cynical unhealthy comparison:

Pedophiles, they are mug. We put them in jail. We treat them (or at least trying). Then after a few years, it frees and helps them to reintegrate. We forgive them (at least at the law …). It gives them a chance to live normally, to rebuild their lives. To start over …

With Amazon … not even dream … You are banned for life. No possibility of return. Without forgiveness, no second chance. You release. Point. Game Over! Moreover, Amazon does not even bother to explain the exact reasons for your suspension. Imagine being removed lifetime driver’s license, without telling you why exactly …

Would you find it okay? Or would you really feel taken for an insignificant crap?”You have violated the Code of the road!

– What do I do exactly, Mr. Prosecutor? Frankly, I do not see. Can you explain?

– Sorry, but due to confidentiality issues, I cannot tell you more. Just that you have not complied with the Highway Code, that’s all.
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