How I Lost My Amazon Business

Amazon is the leading eCommerce retailer online. It has attracted so many sellers and buyers. It’s a marketplace you cannot ignore if you sell online.

amazon-bannedI got to know about Amazon from one of my friends. When we were discussing about online earning, one of my friends recommended me to check out Amazon.

I took at look at the Amazon Selling Platform and I wondered how much potential it had for me. I found out how Amazon operates. I got to know that if you put up an item for sale, you can only list items for a fixed price unlike eBay where you also have the option of online bidding. If you choose the option for online auction, the bidding starts from the price you set. I finally made my account on Amazon. The website recommended me to link one of my bank accounts in order to carry out transactions in order to buy or sell things.

I started selling many household items which were of no use anymore. I had a hobby of collecting different types of coins which were used back in the old days. My grandfather had kept a lot of them safely so I took all the coins from him and added them to my collection. When I saw people selling all the different things on Amazon, I decided to put up some of my coins on sale. I ticked on “buy it now” option and kept a certain selling price. Those coins were sold up very quickly and I got good money for them. I decided to put more coins up for sale but this time I decided to increase the selling price. The reason for this increase in selling price was that the old and ancient coins worth a lot and people are willing to pay a lot for them. Fortunately, those coins were also bought by buyers within a short span of time.

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When I gave my friend a feedback that his suggestion was really good and how it had worked out for me, he alerted me about Amazon banned. Curiously, I asked him what Amazon banned was and how would that affect me. He told me that when a person sells many items continuously, his account gets suspended because the management of Amazon becomes suspicious. I didn’t pay heed to this because I thought that he was just exaggerating.

amazonI carried on with finding/buying items and putting them up on sale on Amazon. As I was busy with my exams, I could just put 1 item per 2-3 months. When my examinations finished, I started using Amazon a lot and I started putting more and more items up on sale. My PayPal account was also filling up with money continuously. Another thing which boosted up my sales was the feedback from the buyers. My dealings were really good so I had more than 100 positive feedback. The buyers seemed really satisfied with the items I had sold them.

My sales started to raise a lot and I started keeping more and more items for sale. One day, I tried to open my Amazon account but it wasn’t logging in. I tried to sign in a couple of times but to no avail. It was giving me the message that my account has been suspended. I went to check in my Hotmail account which I had used for linking my Amazon account. There was an unread mail in my mail box. Amazon had sent me a notification regarding the closure of my Amazon account. I was really surprised with the email they had sent me. I logged in to check my PayPal account to see the latest transactions and the money present in my account. To my utter surprise, my PayPal account had been frozen.

Amazon had banned my account. I was really startled due to this ban. I was making a lot of money by selling around 10 items per day. I contacted my friend and told him everything. He was not surprised. He had already advised me not to go on selling too many items per day otherwise, my account would be suspended.

My friend told me to wait for some time, about 3-6 months and he asked me not to sign in my account until then. He told me to wait for 3-6 months as Amazon would lose the track of my IP address and my account would get unsuspected. I did as my friend had advised me to do.

After 4 months, I tried to sign into my Amazon account. My account successfully signed in without any message of Amazon banned shown.

There are many people who become a victim of being banned from Amazon every day. Those who face Amazon suspension due to selling too many volumes a day should try out this method in order to regain their Amazon account.