How Amazon Destroyed My Startup

I just felt like I was dreaming when Amazon suspended my seller account, I wanted to wake up as fast as I can from that nightmare to see that it was a dream but I was wrong, it was real. Everything was gone.


It all started when I was young. I had always wanted to make enough money to cater for my family since I had only a single parent my mother and my three other siblings. I had tried all different kind of online making money schemes without success.

The matter got worse when the only thing left our house, got burnt. We had no insurance cover for the house, no savings to relay upon. We were left stranded and left with no option than to live on the street. One thing that always kept me moving was the love of my lovely mother. At that point, we were only living from hand to mouth. At this time I did not know that it was possible to make a lot of money on Amazon.

We did whatever we find around in order to survive. Whether it was against our health or not, we had to do it to survive. One day as I was working for a woman (sweeping and cleaning her compound) when she brought in a beautiful crafted basket. I overheard her talking to her husband about how cheap she bought that from China and how expensive she can sell it on Amazon.

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That same crafted basket was selling about 10 times the price here. From that day, I got thinking about how I could start to import some of these art and crafted products from China and start selling them here on Amazon and Amazon to make a living.

Getting a Startup capital was difficult but on discussing this idea with my mother about selling on Amazon, she together with my siblings helped me in raise the amount of money to start out on the Amazon marketplace.


Another problem we had here was how to import these goods, as I had no knowledge on logistics and how to deal with customs.

After researching online I learnt a lot about importing goods from China. I then took action and started to import the art and crafted products and adding them to the Amazon market place.

At this point I had no idea that Amazon was banning sellers for now reason. However, I was dumb and happy at that time.

The first batch of the product was kind of hell as that was my first time. From tracking, paying custom duties and the rest, finally I had the first batch of good at my house in about a month of ordering since I used shipping method by sea to save money.

It then comes to the part of selling this product. I would send them to shops around my town but usually made little profit and was not also selling that fast. I later found a distributor who offered me a good deal but was not near what I wanted but better than what I use to get from these shops I sell these goods to. I worked with this guy for some time and then one day he told me he is no longer interested in doing business with me again. I tried to ask him why but he simply said he was not interested as he had some contract with an Oil refinery company. The reason for him quitting for which I latter found out when my world come to an end was that he used to resell the items on Amazon and he got banned.

Upon extensive research about him and his work, I latter found out that he used to resell my items on Amazon. I didn’t wastes time but got myself registered on Amazon and started to sell my goods. It was quite hectic but after some few months, I started seeing the real “potential” of Amazon. I started selling all my goods very fast and made some good profit.

This latter became my full time business and over 7 years I managed to build a 5 figure a month business on Amazon. I now had enough money to cater for my family and myself. After 7 years in business, I had my own house, and a car.


At this point, I took loans from banks to invest into my business. It was an Amazing feeling when I got a huge amount of money as loan from a bank to invest into my business. I used this money to import goods to sell on Amazon but after my shipment have arrived and selling just a handful of it, I received the biggest and most shocking message of my life. “You’ve Been Banned from Amazon”

What?!? I wasn’t doing anything wrong. All attempts to reach Amazon to explain myself in other to get my Amazon account reinstated fell on deaf ears. The loan period too was on the edge of expiring. I had no choice than to sell my goods to whomever I can find but at lower price. I managed to sell all my goods over a period of 6 months but was in debt.

The money from the sales was not enough to pay back the loan. It got to the stage when the bank confiscated my properties. The worst happen when they sold it. At this point, all I had was some small savings I had which would be able to cater for us for long.

We rented a house but at the long round, we could not afford to pay the rent. It was like a dream when we were supposed to leave the house and go back to where we used to be. I lost everything and I mean everything.

I am now again where I used to be. I am now back on the street again engulf in debt. This is how I lost everything.

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