Here Is Why Amazon Banned Your Seller Or Buyer Account

Over the past few years, the e-commerce sector has grown exponentially. However recently, we have seen many Amazon seller accounts having their selling privileges removed combined with an indefinite selling ban, resulting in a huge loss for them.


More and more sellers are now entering the e-commerce market to diversify and to grow their business. Thousands of new Amazon seller accounts are being created every month. Many new users fail to comply with their rules and regulations. As a result, Amazon is forced to ban their account.

Initially, Amazon will first suspend the account, when they find us violating any rules or policies, then our account will be termed as “Ban”. It is not much serious. We will get the opportunity to file an appeal and get our account reinstated. If Amazon rejects our appeal, means that our account will be marked as “Amazon Selling Privileges Removed”. However, we will still have another chance of getting our account back. If our further appeals are also rejected, then our account will be ” Banned”. This is the worst thing, which can happen to us. They will not even read any further emails regarding this. In short, there is no hope of getting the account back.


Tips on getting the account back:

1. Check: When Amazon suspends any account, they send an email informing the suspension. This email also gives the guidelines regarding how to get the account back. We should read this mail very carefully. This is the first step in getting our account back again.

2. Payment: After that, we should check our payment details once again. Amazon is very strict about this and they will suspend our account if they find that any of the information we provided is inaccurate. Amazon automatically deducts the seller’s fees from our account. Also, if we have any dispute with any buyer and Amazon rules in favor of the buyer, then they will reimburse the buyer from our account. If they are not able to deduct money from our account, then they will just ban the account. However, once we pay them the necessary fees, then they generally reinstate the account. No appeal is generally needed if payment is the reason behind the suspension.

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3. Rule Violations: If our account gets banned because of violating any of their rules, then the process gets more difficult and time-consuming. We have to make an appeal to them. We have to explain to them why we breached their policies and convince them, that it was just an accident and won’t happen again. It is advisable to be very brief and concise. They won’t have the time to read long explanations. If they are convinced, then they will reinstate the account.

4. Provide all the relevant information to Amazon: In order to reinstate our account, Amazon may ask us for some additional information.
Some information which Amazon may require are:

1. If the account is banned due to invalid information, then they will ask for a new email address and contact number.

2. If the account was banned due to return and refund issues, then Amazon will direct us to make the necessary refunds and return goods to the concerned buyer.

Amazon may take a lot of time to reinstate the account. The entire process is very slow. Hence, as soon as receiving the notice of suspension, we must act fast. Because, with each passing day, we are losing money.


If your Amazon account gets banned, then there are some things we must avoid doing:

1. Open a new account: Most of us tend to open a new account after suspension. But this is actually the worst thing to do. Amazon has a very powerful database. They will cross check our contact details, IP address and will be able to detect our new account. Apart from that, this is a serious violation of their policies. We may land up in legal trouble later on.

2. Open an account with our friend’s or relative’s details: Many of us also open a new account using details of someone else. But Amazon has a very strong database and they will be able to establish a connection between both the accounts. Thus, the new account will also get deleted. We are actually causing problems for the person whose details we used. If they want to open an Amazon account in the future, they won’t be able to do so.


3. Contact our buyer directly: As soon as any account gets banned, all the buyers will be informed about the suspension. If we try to contact them directly, and they report us to Amazon, then we will land up in serious trouble.

It is a misconception that Amazon doesn’t suspend accounts of popular sellers. Many big sellers have complained about their accounts getting banned. If we violate their policies, then our reputation won’t help us. Some of the common reasons behind suspension of accounts are:

1. Creating False Accounts: Due to so much of competition in the E-commerce sector, many people resort to illegal means to get rid of their competition. For example, many sellers create fake accounts and gives the negative review to their competitors. Amazon takes customer feedback very seriously and if they find many complaints regarding any account, then they will ban it. However, if Amazon finds us creating fake accounts, then they will immediately suspend us.

2. Selling Restricted items: Before selling a good, it is very important that we go through the Amazon policies and make sure that the product we are selling is within Amazon’s rules. Sometimes, they ban selling some specific goods in some regions. If they find us selling any restricted item, then they will ban the account.

3. Copyright Infringement: Amazon also takes copyright infringement very seriously. While uploading the pictures of our goods online, we should make sure that they are completely original and not stolen from somewhere else. If Amazon finds out that we are using pictures of someone else, then they will ban us. There are many online stores where genuine images are available.

Other than that, in the ” Product Description” section, we should make sure that all the information regarding our product is completely true. Misguiding customers is a very serious offense.

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