Don’t Make Those Mistakes Or Amazon Will Suspended Your Account

I became an Amazon seller way back in 2008. I used my account a couple of years as a part time seller, but I decided to bite the bullet and go full time two years ago. At the time I did not know how easy it was to get an Amazon seller account suspended.


I chose to invest more than $150,000 of my hard-earned money in inventory building (I opted to sell weight loss and other health products) and hiring one full assistant, which works side-by-side with a full time packaging guy. I did this because I began to see and believe the limitless possibilities that the platform offers. More importantly, I have always wanted to fulfil my dream of running a home-based business.

The great thing about the weight loss niche is that once you reach certain turnover, it doesn’t take long for the profits to start pouring in. I’m proud to say that was able to achieve that. I was literally banking hard. And it didn’t take long for me to expand my business to five full time employees. During its peak, I had more than 7,000 listings being run by my dedicated staff. Now, it’s nothing but a bittersweet memory, but more on that later. Just thinking about it is enough to ruffle my feathers, you see.

Anyway, when I read the stories of people getting their account banned or suspended by Amazon for the wrong reasons, I really didn’t believe any of them. I thought they were really caught red-handed at whatever fraudulent or wrongful activity they were doing. After all, how can you possibly doubt a reputable e-commerce giant like Amazon?

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That didn’t stop me from making sure to keep my evaluations high, though. My account has never budged from being a rated as a top seller. And then it hit. A buyer gave my account a below standard rating. While this disappointed me, by no means did it discourage me to continue offer best customer service as I always did. I quickly took action to address the issue, and I also recovered my status as a top rated seller in no time. I started to get scared that if I don’t fix that issue Amazon might suspend my seller account.

For a while, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Imagine how heart wrenching it is to wake up one day to know that your account has been restricted for life. For that’s exactly what happened to me. Amazon suspended my account. I was shocked and dismayed. And the depression slowly crept in, especially when I found out that my account suspension appeal was denied. “How could Amazon do this to a long-time, dedicated user?” was one of the questions that lingered in my mind for the days when I was too down to continue on. What would you feel if you’re forced to let go of your trusted staff whom you already treat like family? Believe me, having your primary source of livelihood being taken away from you in the blink of an eye can do just that. It’s very crippling and soul rending. The fact that I was never able to recover my Amazon account only makes this particular scar run deeper. No person should ever have to go through an experience as horrible as that.


Nonetheless, my story is not without a silver lining. Luckily, I still have $300,000 worth of inventory. At present, after a year and half of recovery, I’m proud to say that I’m slowly rising up from the ashes. And with the support and guidance that my friends and family gave me, I’m more than determined to start over.

The invaluable thing that I gained from this major stumbling block in my life is experience. Now, I have decided that the best course to take is to establish my income from multiple online streams, and luckily, start to streamline my products offline. I will never rely on a single platform ever again. If you’re just starting out, consider yourself lucky for learning this invaluable tip. What’s certain is that you should never let any hurdle, large or small, bring you down in whatever endeavour you choose to embark on.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Make Those Mistakes Or Amazon Will Suspended Your Account

  1. I have been an Amazon buyer since 1995 and was a “charter” Vine member. One day I woke up to find that, in some sort of “sweep” I had been “banished.” Not banned, but banished. This meant that I can no longer review products or ask/answer questions. I am, it seems, “no longer in good standing.” All my previous reviews were simply removed. I can still buy and return, but I’m a second-class citizen. There was no notice but when I asked by email I was told I had violated some rule about reviewing based on reimbursement from sellers. I had, of course, never done anything even slightly like that. When I asked for evidence of the accusation, I was just ignored. They are too big to give a crap.

  2. It’s a shame Amazon doesn’t ban dodgy buyers as quickly as they suspend honest sellers. I understand if a seller gets repeatedly bad feedback and complaints, but is it my fault customers order the wrong item or get the measurements wrong! There are a lot of buyers on Amazon getting things for free saying they haven’t received an item and it’s always the seller who suffers. My account was suspended for being linked to a bad account IP address, what the hell does that mean and how is it my fault? Come on Amazon get your act together. Maybe the customer is always right but don’t forget we are your customers too and your sales support needs a complete overhaul!

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