Don’t Make Those Amazon Seller Mistakes

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping websites in the world and probably one of the most trusted.


Amazon achieves all this because of its reputation which he has been building for years. This is why Amazon will go extra length to make sure there reputation stay intact and won’t hesitate any buyer that threaten this reputation. Over the year there has been a lot of complain about Amazon consistent suspension of accounts for no reason. The truth is Amazon don’t just block account for no reason, there is always a reason for their action and for your account been suspended. In some cases the reason is clear to the victim but just with the act of denial he doesn’t want to accept his in fault plus it actually feels good and more comfortable to push the blame on others.

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The only way to protect your account is to stay on Amazon white list by following their strict regulations. One way to do this is by knowing some of the reason why accounts are been suspended_ so that you will have ideal of what can jeopardize your account or get you ban from Amazon. Some of the most common reasons why Amazon suspends sellers include:

  • Selling of Account

Amazon policy do not support buying and selling of account. If you are planning to buy an Amazon account instead of opening one from scratch, you might want to rethink. Seller who buy another user account will be banned from Amazon.

  • Fake Customer Reviews

As sellers reputation and rating are measured by customer review. Some sellers go extra length to improve their rating by posting fake customer review on their account using another account or buying customer review in some way to boost their sales. Seller caught in this act will be banned from Amazon.

  • Selling Fake Products

There is no way to tell the quality of a product before buying it from a seller. It is expected from sellers to only sell quality product. Therefore, It is part of Amazon policy that only original product are to be listed for sales on Amazon. Because pictures and seller’s assurances is the only authenticity of the products, buyer sometimes fall victim of fraudulent sellers of fake products. When such case is reported to Amazon staff the seller account will be suspended. Selling fake products on Amazon only result to automatic suspension of account.

  • Too many Chargeback

When too many buyers are requesting for chargeback from a seller this race alarm for Amazon to investigate the reason. Chargeback is when buyer request for refund of their money in transaction. Buyer only seek for refund when they are no satisfy by the seller’s service. This means service provided by the seller is not up to standard and may lead to suspension of account.

  • Selling Prohibited Items

It is advisable for sellers to go through the list of prohibited items listed on Amazon Policy page before listing any items for sales. Selling of Alcohol, Fire Arms, Weapons, fake Stamps and Credit Card among others are consider a prohibited item and can get seller account suspended

There are so many other things that can get seller account suspended. Some are even so minor that sellers won’t have any idea that his doing something wrong.

Like Slow Shipping, Slow communication, Negative Feedback. It is important for sellers to understand and follow Amazon Regulations and don’t take chances with your account. Remember Amazon is watching.


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