Don’t Make These Deadly Amazon Seller Mistakes make selling quite easy for anyone wishing to sell their merchandise.


Most sellers will find them reliable because not only do they have a good reputation and are therefore trusted, Amazon pays on schedule making them a trusted partner in making payments. They also have a database that is extremely user friendly. One only needs to follow their step-by-step instructions to be able to sell merchandise.

To make the most out of Amazon, understanding their selling policies is critical. Below we highlight the biggest Amazon seller mistakes you simply have to avoid. They range right from setting up accounts to the actual selling to handling orders from Amazon.

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Mistakes to avoid when creating your seller account Amazon 

  • Registering two or more seller accounts

Amazon policy provides for one account per any seller using the site. Ensure that you only register for one seller account. Registering for more than one seller account is a violation of policy.

  • Selecting the wrong type of seller account

A wrong type of seller account means that your product will not be viewed by the correct audience. Ensure that you always carry out research on the best type of seller account for your needs before you make the choice.

  • Copying your competitors setup

Most sellers will quickly copy their competitors’ setup in a bid to beat competition. However, the competitors may be in breach of Amazon policy or may be missing an account that is optimized. The best approach is to always go through Amazon best practices as well as auditing, testing and refining your account.

Seller Mistakes to avoid when running your Amazon business

  • Failing to compare prices of similar items.

Before you set your price, compare all prices on your product. Peruse all prices, shipping included, and then determine where you would like to set the price.

One of the biggest Amazon seller mistakes by private sellers is not factoring the cost of convenience. Most do not compete with this cost but will instead match the price. Consider setting the price low to enable a buyer save some money. Also do remember to factor in the account fees Amazon will charge.

  • Inadequate marketing of your product

This especially applies where the product is a used one. By not uploading photographs you make the product difficult to sell. Potential buyers will always like to see what they intend to purchase and a photograph will go a long way in achieving this.

Additionally have a sufficient but detailed description of the product. However, ensure that you do not put false information like saying that the product is new while it is scratched. The rule is to be honest.

  • Failing to contest a bad claim

You should always make sure that you answer claims as well as questions within the shortest time. Where someone gives you a bad review which is not deserved contact Amazon and request them to pull it down. You may also politely remind buyers to provide you a positive review through email.

  • Failing to check your email often

By failing to check your email regularly you may miss notifications about the product you had listed. If the product had been sold you will not know when to ship the product out and this will result in a negative review.

To avoid this, regularly check your email and ensure that you are timely in responding to queries from buyers.

Seller Mistakes to avoid when handling orders

  • Late shipping

Most customers on Amazon adore Amazon’s shipping policies which are fast and cheap. Therefore be honest with the shipping dates you offer.


  • Arguing with customers 

You may find some customers who are overly demanding or confrontational. Whatever it takes avoid arguing with them.

  • Assuming that shoppers on Amazon read.

It is very likely that your buyers have not read the description of your product in full. To be on the safe side, clearly state what your policies are in many places. Additionally affirm your policies during exchanges with customers.

With the huge opportunity that Amazon offers, avoid the biggest seller mistakes as identified to maximize on the opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Make These Deadly Amazon Seller Mistakes

  1. I have create a new account on amazon and until now i am afraid that amazon suspended my account again, i did all the thinks that i need to do, i just want to know how much time take to amazon to find account suspended? I mean i have this new account 2 months and i want to know that if i did something wrong with my new account how much time it’s will take to amazon to suspended my accounts?

  2. I did a big mistake and I want to know what do you think shall i do?
    I sent mails to the top 1000 amazon Reviews and i just put all the emails address and sent (MASS mailing).

    2 reviews sent me mail back and told me that it’s very dangerous what I did and i risk that amazon banned my product or suspended my account, I sent this mail to the top 1000 reviews so probably someone tell amazon about my mail.

    I really scared about the case and I don’t know what shall i do now?
    I didn’t now that its Against amazon policy.
    please advice me what i need to do?

    1. Most people just delete those kind of emails. They
      will also end up many times in the ‘promotion folder’
      so if you are not really unlucky and someone reports
      you will be fine.

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