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Why My Amazon Business Failed

I am a person of self-belief. I was full of confidence when I started my own business. I used to purchase some items from foreign countries and sell it online to earn the profit.


My business was doing really well. I invested every penny in my pocket to enlarge my business. But soon, an incident occurred that changed my life. I was no longer the same person I used to be. Continue reading Why My Amazon Business Failed

How Amazon Destroyed My Startup

I just felt like I was dreaming when Amazon suspended my seller account, I wanted to wake up as fast as I can from that nightmare to see that it was a dream but I was wrong, it was real. Everything was gone.


It all started when I was young. I had always wanted to make enough money to cater for my family since I had only a single parent my mother and my three other siblings. I had tried all different kind of online making money schemes without success. Continue reading How Amazon Destroyed My Startup

How I Lost My Amazon Business

Amazon is the leading eCommerce retailer online. It has attracted so many sellers and buyers. It’s a marketplace you cannot ignore if you sell online.

amazon-bannedI got to know about Amazon from one of my friends. When we were discussing about online earning, one of my friends recommended me to check out Amazon.

I took at look at the Amazon Selling Platform and I wondered how much potential it had for me. I found out how Amazon operates. I got to know that if you put up an item for sale, you can only list items for a fixed price unlike eBay where you also have the option of online bidding. If you choose the option for online auction, the bidding starts from the price you set. I finally made my account on Amazon. The website recommended me to link one of my bank accounts in order to carry out transactions in order to buy or sell things. Continue reading How I Lost My Amazon Business

Amazon’s Insatiable Greed

Amazon’s sheer greed is historical. Time and again, Amazon proves to have perfected the syndicate art of raking in huge profits at the expense of public interest. Over many years now, Amazon has grown into a giant with insatiable thirst for corporate profits without regard to accountability to the public as well as to institutions that safeguard public interest.


From overpricing of Kindle e-books, e-book wars with the Big 6 Publishers and e-retailers to the dodging of tax obligations in many countries, Continue reading Amazon’s Insatiable Greed

The Amazon Conspiracy

The internet giant Amazon paid almost no tax on its profits over the last years. How can it be that medium and small sized companies pay sky high taxes, whereby large corporations move all their profits to some offshore tax havens in order to avoid tax.

How can those corporations choose how much tax they pay, were normal people and SME’s have no way to avoiding the taxman?


Continue reading The Amazon Conspiracy

Shocking Amazon Employee Interview

We have changed the name of this Amazon employee to make sure he does not get into trouble speaking with us.

Ronald used to work for Amazon 3 years in total. He deals on daily bases with sellers who had been suspended from Amazon.

We met Ronald at a local coffee shop next to the Amazon HQ in Seattle.


Thanks Ronald for taking the time to talk to us. How are you doing today? Continue reading Shocking Amazon Employee Interview