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How To Open A new Amazon Account After Being Banned?

I have been selling on Amazon for the last five years. Four months ago Amazon decided to suspend my account.

I tried to speak with different people at Amazon without any success. They just refused to tell me why I had my account banned. It is a real nightmare. In the last email I received, they stated I should not contact them anymore.


I am really frustrated about being treated like this after selling on Amazon for many years.

I tried to open a new Amazon account again and again without success. I always get my new account banned within 1 or 2 days.

I am glad I came across Peter Bergmann’s book ‘Beat Amazon Suspension’. I tried to follow the step by step guide on how to open a new Amazon account, but it was not easy for me.

The issue is that I am really not good with computers. However, I am glad Bergmann provided me with some help, so I was able to open a new account.

I have been back selling on Amazon for more than 3 months now and I am very thankful to have my business back.

I kept a copy of Bergmann’s Amazon Suspension report on my computer; I also opened a second Amazons emergency backup’ account so that the next time Amazon decide to suspend my account for no reason, I am prepared.

How To Appeal After Amazon Suspended Your Account?

Has your Amazon account been suspended? If yes, you can follow these simple and confidential steps to get reinstated


Tom Taylor, Vice President at Amazon, while speaking to a reporter from Wall Street Journal said vendors, on an average, witness a 50% hike in sales when they become a part of the Amazon marketplace. Amazon’s storage and shipping services contribute significantly to this hike. Continue reading How To Appeal After Amazon Suspended Your Account?