Is the Legit? How I Got My Amazon account Back

I have been selling on Amazon for years. Four months ago Amazon suspended my account for inauthentic item issues.

I tried to appeal several times without any success. They just refused to tell me why I had my account banned. It is a real nightmare. In the last email I received, they stated I should not contact them anymore.


I am really frustrated about being treated like this after selling on Amazon for many years.
I tried to appeal my Amazon suspension myself, without any success.

I signed up for the Amazon Appeal Kit, even though it took more than an hour to build my appeal letter and plan of action. Amazon restored my account within two days after i submitted  the appeal. I also like that the appeal kit covers all those unwritten rules on how to submit the appeal.

I have been back selling on Amazon for more than 3 months, if your Amazon account has been suspended or banned as well, I would definitely recommend the guys over at


13 thoughts on “Is the Legit? How I Got My Amazon account Back

  1. Amazon is horrible, they will suspend you for any reason. They don’t like your name, suspended. They are pretty much racist too. If they find out your name is black, they will suspend you. You browse nazi items, your a white supremacist and they will suspend you.

    Absolutely just disgusting. Amazon will get their just desserts.

  2. Very good information. I also used the beat amazon suspension manual to get back selling. I was back in business within a 1 week. Bergmann also provided great support via Skype and email that really helped in my unique situation.

  3. I was banned by Amazon indefinitely. I tried to contact them to see if I can appeal, but they simply ignored me. Absolute crap. I tried to create a new account, but they suspended me right there and then.

  4. I would like to know why Amazon has the right to ruin people’s livelihoods. The company is like a dictatorship giving absolutely no reason why you have been suspended. Policy violation is not a valid reason when they don’t tell you what policy you have violated. There are hundreds of people on Amazon selling counterfeit items who get away with it, yet honest sellers are being targeted for undefined reasons. They really should have some kind of warning system, but NO! It’s one strike and you’re out.

  5. My Amazon suspension case is really not justified. Amazons management does not bother explaining me why my Amazon account was banned. My buyer’s account met the same fate as I have had returned quite a few Amazon products in the past that were defective.

    Though they warned me in advance about my “buying behaviour”, but they didn’t explicitly tell me what I could have possibly done to make the experience better for them, myself and everyone involved. I month later, my wife’s Amazon account was suspended as well, which she had been using years before me.

  6. We sent in about 7 asins but they were all asins we sold on the other Amazon account. It is hard to send in different asins when all you do is FBA and you have inventory on hand that you have to move.

    Do you know more about how they use a seller’s inventory profile?

    I.e. you need to do one for one with existing asins, or something like that?
    P.s. We’ve been suspended since 8/13 , filed appeal 8/16 , told to expect a response In 24hrs
    2nd account was linked on 8/18, did not file appeal, not even sure what I’d say.
    Still no response on first accounts appeal, but I don’t feel confident now that 2nd account linked.

    1. The only way to change your inventory profile is by adding some dummy
      products. Dummy listings are items you price so high nobody will ever buy them.
      Just add 4-5 different asins, 1-3 items for each asin is enough.

  7. I’m having an issue and I’m hoping you can help. I purchased the Beat Amazon Suspension ebook as noted below. I downloaded it and read it a few times and it is of immense help to me!! The problem I’m having now is that I tried to open the pdf today and it is completely blank!!! I don’t know what happened or why it’s blank. I really need this info but I don’t want to have to purchase it again. I tried to open it on all of my devices and it’s blank on all of them. Do you know what the problem is or what I can do? Thanks for your help.

  8. Building your business around one company is always risky, but sometimes we just don’t have any choice. I used to banned from Amazon as well. I am happy to be back in business.

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