Amazon Banned My Account Because Customer Falsely Claimed My Products Are Fake

My name is Alexander Ramirez. I am 36 years old from the beautiful country of Brazil. I am in a difficult situation at this time.


I am in a plight because I have lost everything due to a person who placed my business at risk by claiming that my products were fake.

Let’s start from the beginning. I started an online fashion business on Amazon called Urban Fashion & Co. We sold items like handbags, purses, jewelry, and shoes. I conducted this high-profit organization for over 10 years with 20 employees. I paid my employees well; about 20 dollars an hour for a 40-hour work week. We delivered items in almost every country in the world. Business was booming. Of course we had some skeptical customers who weren’t sure about our products and if we were genuine, but our ratings were high in many countries.

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Many months went by and business was very good. In November of 2014, our company received a call that would change everything about our business. We received an offer from Macys to have our product sold directly from the store instead of just online. I was ecstatic! Being a very social person, I proceeded to share the exciting news to my followers on Twitter. “We got an exciting offer! Macys here we come!!! #wemadeit”, I normally read the comments on my tweets and posts to get an idea of others’ opinions. Most of the comments were positive. For example there were some saying,

“Congratulations!!” and “Hope you go far!” There were a few bad apples but I’ve heard it all during my career. There was one comment, however that I wasn’t very sure about. If people were gullible enough to believe it, it would definitely jeopardize my business if someone important was ever to see it. I quote, “I don’t understand why you guys think these people are really legit. They are selling fake stuff. I’m telling you this from experience. They always sent me these lousy things after I spent over 200 dollars thinking I would get a very nice handbag or a very nice purse. Then they have the audacity to tell me that they don’t give refunds.

Retweet this if you agree and tag the Amazon Company!!” Below the statement, there was an alleged photo of the “product.” I was very upset. I emailed the Company in case they received the tweets. After about 3 days, I received a reply saying that they did acquire the tweet including complaints from the customer who sent out the tweet. They told me that since there were quite a few of people who agreed with her on the subject they would have to investigate my business. I knew my company was genuine. Unfortunately, it was too late.


A week later my Macys offer was withdrawn and my business on Amazon was banned from the site. My employees lost their jobs. I proceeded to call my lawyer to sue Amazon for accusations without proof and Amazon countersued me for fraud. After the ruling, I lost because I was apparently “biting off more than I could chew” trying to sue a huge company. I ended up paying 1 million for fraud. I was left with almost nothing. Most of my money is gone, my products are gone and the patent has been lifted. I am now searching for a new lawyer to sue my former customer for fraud and financial compensation for pain and suffering.

I am still fighting for compensation and I plan to get my business back through another company. I learned something however, gullibility and dishonesty can destroy someone’s dream and life. Be careful what you post.


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