Amazon Account Suspended For Inauthentic Goods

Over the last two years, I have built a substantial Amazon business by buying bulk brand-name clothing and other items and in outlet malls across the west coast.

Business was really good my turn over more than 20 K a month on and

I was really excited that I made that impossible possible and I was able to escape the rat race and build my own business and earn a good living.

Did Amazon suspend your account?
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All was good until Amazon suspended my account. When I received the Amazon suspension email I first thought it would be some kind of phishing scam.

So I opened my computer and I logged into my Amazon some account right away and to my disbelief, I saw the same account suspension message in my Amazon seller control panel.

I called my Amazon account manager to confirm what happened, he told me there is nothing to worry, I just have to provide Amazon with copies of all my supplier invoices and they will reinstate my account immediately. I felt really relieved because I knew that all items I was selling where it’s 100% authentic and never ever in my life would sell inauthentic items.

Once all invoices were scanned and put together, I uploaded them and sent them to I was very confident that Amazon would reinstate my account with 24 hours as my account manager has promised me.

After 24 hours past, there was no reply from Amazon. So I contacted Amazon again to find out what happened with my appeal. I was told to Amazon that my appeal has been declined because the invoices I sent Amazon did not confirm guidelines.

I was deeply disappointed that Amazon has declined my appeal and my account was still suspended, in my desperation, I decided to open you a new Amazon seller account in order to get back selling as fast as possible. I went to my local Apple shop and purchased a brand-new MacBook air and got a new credit card number after went back home and try to open a new seller count. It took less than 10 seconds after I entered all the information until Amazon suspended my account again.

I started to think that I have lost everything and that I will never ever be able to sell on Amazon again. I started to do some research online and I was searching for Amazon seller account suspension cases which were similar to mine. I tried to find other sellers who have as myself, who had their account suspended because of inauthentic goods. To my disbelief, I found thousands and thousands of seller will have similar stories to tell to one I experienced.  I just started to understand that Amazon is treating sellers like dirt, they don’t care sellers and Amazon knows that they have a huge monopoly.

I found different companies who were helping suspend Amazon sellers to get back selling, and I tried two of those companies and both of them promised 100% success rate. I didn’t believe them, but I thought I might just give it a try and maybe I will get lucky.  I just wanted to get back sailing again on Amazon. My suspicion turned out to be correct because both of them were not able to get my account reinstated. After doing some more research I found another manual called “Beat Amazon Suspension‘ guide published by Peter Bergmann.

The interesting thing was that this actually was the cheapest solution I found online to get back selling on Amazon. After the purchased the guide I wanted to try out the ‘premium email support’ that’s included with the guide.

I explained my situation in a short email and it took less than 24 hours until they send me an appeal letter relating to inauthentic goods. I sent that appeal letter to Amazon right away and within 48 hours my account was reinstated. It felt Amazing to be back in business, I realized that I would need to work on some plan B so, in the future, a situation like this would never happen again, where my seller account would get suspended and my business when be put on hold for several days or even weeks.

So I followed the steps in the Beat Amazon Suspension guide on how to open a second backup account. I even spend some time building up some feedback. It feels really good now to know that whatever and Amazon might through at me, I will be ready and able to continue my business even if my main Amazon seller account should get suspended again.

If you are also an Amazon suspension victim, please leave a comment below and share your story with us.


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