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Why Amazon Disables Accounts

Amazon is one of the commerce pioneers; Amazon is the leading ecommerce platform online. However, seller policies are very strict and in many cases applied inconsistently.


Amazon respects all the sellers equally as the buyers. Still those who fail to carry out their policies get weeded out from Amazon. Since most of the sellers consider Amazon as a source of easy money, they try to keep their rules intact and follow the same. Anyway, a very few of them behaves like a sitting duck and get suspended in the course of time due to the violation of Amazon policies. Continue reading Why Amazon Disables Accounts

How To Appeal After Amazon Suspended Your Account?

Has your Amazon account been suspended? If yes, you can follow these simple and confidential steps to get reinstated


Tom Taylor, Vice President at Amazon, while speaking to a reporter from Wall Street Journal said vendors, on an average, witness a 50% hike in sales when they become a part of the Amazon marketplace. Amazon’s storage and shipping services contribute significantly to this hike. Continue reading How To Appeal After Amazon Suspended Your Account?