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How I Lost My Amazon Business

Amazon is the leading eCommerce retailer online. It has attracted so many sellers and buyers. It’s a marketplace you cannot ignore if you sell online.

amazon-bannedI got to know about Amazon from one of my friends. When we were discussing about online earning, one of my friends recommended me to check out Amazon.

I took at look at the Amazon Selling Platform and I wondered how much potential it had for me. I found out how Amazon operates. I got to know that if you put up an item for sale, you can only list items for a fixed price unlike eBay where you also have the option of online bidding. If you choose the option for online auction, the bidding starts from the price you set. I finally made my account on Amazon. The website recommended me to link one of my bank accounts in order to carry out transactions in order to buy or sell things. Continue reading How I Lost My Amazon Business