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Amazon Ban Nightmare

Amazon marketplace presents small business owners and internet marketers completely use of a massive consumer marketplace for their products and services. Obviously, retailers shell out an expense for the opportunity to sell on Amazon’s great brand. 

Private retailers frequently wind up in strong competition with the entire web giant for goods and services, which Amazon. Com holds every one of the cards. To guard its very own standing and keep a happy client base Amazon’s sellers’ contract and multitude guidelines stack the deck completely in Amazon’s favor.

As a way to market on, suppliers are required to follow a demanding number of expectations that determine when and how they communicate with their clients at each and every part of the sales process. Continue reading Amazon Ban Nightmare

Amazon’s Insatiable Greed

Amazon’s sheer greed is historical. Time and again, Amazon proves to have perfected the syndicate art of raking in huge profits at the expense of public interest. Over many years now, Amazon has grown into a giant with insatiable thirst for corporate profits without regard to accountability to the public as well as to institutions that safeguard public interest.


From overpricing of Kindle e-books, e-book wars with the Big 6 Publishers and e-retailers to the dodging of tax obligations in many countries, Continue reading Amazon’s Insatiable Greed