Is the Legit? How I Got My Amazon account Back

I have been selling on Amazon for years. Four months ago Amazon suspended my account for inauthentic item issues.

I tried to appeal several times without any success. They just refused to tell me why I had my account banned. It is a real nightmare. In the last email I received, they stated I should not contact them anymore.


I am really frustrated about being treated like this after selling on Amazon for many years.
I tried to appeal my Amazon suspension myself, without any success.

I signed up for the Amazon Appeal Kit, even though it took more than an hour to build my appeal letter and plan of action. Amazon restored my account within two days after i submitted  the appeal. I also like that the appeal kit covers all those unwritten rules on how to submit the appeal.

I have been back selling on Amazon for more than 3 months, if your Amazon account has been suspended or banned as well, I would definitely recommend the guys over at


Top 7 Reasons Amazon Suspend Sellers

Amazon is one of the biggest and the best online selling platform. Many sellers prefer to sell their products on an online market place in order to make better sales.

This is because many people are just used to go to buy things online. However, sellers should always follow all the rules, even it might be difficult. Failure to that your account will be banned by Amazon. The following are some of the most common reasons why Amazon may suspend your account. Continue reading Top 7 Reasons Amazon Suspend Sellers

Here Is Why Amazon Banned Your Seller Or Buyer Account

Over the past few years, the e-commerce sector has grown exponentially. However recently, we have seen many Amazon seller accounts having their selling privileges removed combined with an indefinite selling ban, resulting in a huge loss for them.


More and more sellers are now entering the e-commerce market to diversify and to grow their business. Thousands of new Amazon seller accounts are being created every month. Many new users fail to comply with their rules and regulations. As a result, Amazon is forced to ban their account. Continue reading Here Is Why Amazon Banned Your Seller Or Buyer Account

Don’t Make Those Mistakes Or Amazon Will Suspended Your Account

I became an Amazon seller way back in 2008. I used my account a couple of years as a part time seller, but I decided to bite the bullet and go full time two years ago. At the time I did not know how easy it was to get an Amazon seller account suspended.


I chose to invest more than $150,000 of my hard-earned money in inventory building (I opted to sell weight loss and other health products) and hiring one full assistant, which works side-by-side with a full time packaging guy. I did this because I began to see and believe the limitless possibilities that the platform offers. More importantly, I have always wanted to fulfil my dream of running a home-based business. Continue reading Don’t Make Those Mistakes Or Amazon Will Suspended Your Account

Why Amazon Disables Accounts

Amazon is one of the commerce pioneers; Amazon is the leading ecommerce platform online. However, seller policies are very strict and in many cases applied inconsistently.


Amazon respects all the sellers equally as the buyers. Still those who fail to carry out their policies get weeded out from Amazon. Since most of the sellers consider Amazon as a source of easy money, they try to keep their rules intact and follow the same. Anyway, a very few of them behaves like a sitting duck and get suspended in the course of time due to the violation of Amazon policies. Continue reading Why Amazon Disables Accounts

How To Appeal After Amazon Suspended Your Account?

Has your Amazon account been suspended? If yes, you can follow these simple and confidential steps to get reinstated


Tom Taylor, Vice President at Amazon, while speaking to a reporter from Wall Street Journal said vendors, on an average, witness a 50% hike in sales when they become a part of the Amazon marketplace. Amazon’s storage and shipping services contribute significantly to this hike. Continue reading How To Appeal After Amazon Suspended Your Account?

Why My Amazon Business Failed

I am a person of self-belief. I was full of confidence when I started my own business. I used to purchase some items from foreign countries and sell it online to earn the profit.


My business was doing really well. I invested every penny in my pocket to enlarge my business. But soon, an incident occurred that changed my life. I was no longer the same person I used to be. Continue reading Why My Amazon Business Failed

Don’t Make These Deadly Amazon Seller Mistakes make selling quite easy for anyone wishing to sell their merchandise.


Most sellers will find them reliable because not only do they have a good reputation and are therefore trusted, Amazon pays on schedule making them a trusted partner in making payments. They also have a database that is extremely user friendly. One only needs to follow their step-by-step instructions to be able to sell merchandise. Continue reading Don’t Make These Deadly Amazon Seller Mistakes